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New Golden Lotus II

New Golden Lotus II

Apr. 12, 1996TaiwanNot Rated
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Ximen Qing’s son-in-law Chen Jingji brought his family to seek refuge with him. His wife Wu Yueniang said that they had committed a crime and should not be taken in to avoid being implicated. Ximen Qing planned to take them in because they brought property. Ximen Qing, Hua Zixu and Ying Jue waited at the brothel Lichun Court to drink wine, and asked them to help solve the son-in-law’s crime case. Hua Zixu was very drunk and was supported by Ximen Qing and sent home. He met Hua Zixu at his home. When Hua Zixu’s wife Li Ping’er arrived, she took the opportunity to hook up with Li Ping’er. Li Ping’er saw that Ximen Qing was a romantic person and did not stop his intrusion. After Ximen Qing returned home, he went to Pan Jinlian’s room to sleep. He saw Chunmei, the maid, cleaning the room. He asked Chunmei to tidy the bed and took the opportunity to rape Chunmei. Chunmei sharpened her knife to kill Ximen Qing, but Pan Jinlian stopped her and persuaded her to live to take revenge. Ximen Qing drank with Hua Zixu and Earl Ying in Lichun Court again, and the three of them became sworn brothers. Ximen Qing treated the two of them to stay in Lichun Court while he rode his horse to Hua Zixu’s house and met Li Ping’er. After committing adultery, Hua Zixu was afraid of being scolded by Li Ping’er, so he hurried home, only to see his wife Li Ping’er and Ximen Qing having sex in bed. Hua Zixu planned to fight with Ximen Qing, but was knocked unconscious by Li Ping’er with a vase. , after Hua Zixu woke up, Li Ping’er acted recklessly, and Hua Zixu had to admit defeat. The next day Chunmei went to the dining room to get food for Pan Jinlian, but for some reason she was severely beaten by Sun Xue’e and other maids. After Wu Song was assigned to Cangzhou, he sent a letter to Pan Jinlian. After Pan Jinlian read the letter, the fourth mother Sun Xue’e peeked at the letter and complained to Ximen Qing. Ximen Qing beat Pan Jinlian and took Sun Xue’e with him. Searched for evidence, found none. Sun Xue’e was dismissed by Ximen Qing due to a mistake. Pan Jinlian took the opportunity to act coquettishly and asked Ximen Qing to visit the injured maid Chunmei. Chunmei complained in front of Ximen Qing and said many bad things about the fourth mother-in-law Sun Xue’e. After Ximen Qing heard about it, he was furious. He went to the dining room to find his fourth wife, Sun Xue’e, and beat her so hard that the sticks were broken. Sun Xue’e was beaten to the ground and seriously injured. When she tried to get up, she knocked over the oil tank, and the firewood in the stove happened to fall on it. A fire broke out on her body and burned her to death. One day, Pan Jinlian was taking a nap on the balcony and woke up from a nightmare. At this time, Ximen Qing’s son-in-law Chen Jingjing told her that he had secretly collected the letter for her, and asked her to go to the woodshed to get it in the evening. The letter threatened to commit adultery with Pan Jinlian. After Pan Jinlian returned to the room, she told Chunmei that she had been raped by Chen Jingjing. Ximen Qing drank with his sworn brothers Hua Zixu and Ying Jue at Li Chun Yuan and treated them again. He sneaked away to Hua Zixu’s house and committed adultery with Li Ping’er. Hua Zixu and Ying Jue quietly returned home together and caught the two of them in adultery. In bed, Earl Ying temporarily switched sides and stood with Ximen Qing. Ximen Qingze and Hua Zixu fell out. Hua Zixu went to report to the official at night and was injured by Ximen Qing’s boy at the yamen gate. Ximen Qing went home and told The principal wife, Wu Yueniang. Hua Zixu was seriously ill from the beating and died a few days later. One night, Chen Jingli sneaked into Pan Jinlian’s house and took away the maid Chunmei. When he wanted to violate Pan Jinlian again, Chunmei suddenly appeared and teased Chen Jingli. Chunmei seduced Chen Jingli and sexually abused him.

New Golden Lotus II
Original title 新金瓶梅 第二集
IMDb Rating 7 41 votes
TMDb Rating 5.8 4 votes

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