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Yu huo kuang qing

Yu huo kuang qing is a Taiwan movie released in 2000. The film is directed by Woo Ga-Kan. The relationship between Ou Wenzong and Rubing is very affectionate, and they often want to win their children. Ou Wenzong and Sa Sa’s apparel business are also booming. But Rubing’s cousin Hong Sheng, a man who is not doing business, often finds Rubing for borrowing The money caused Wen Zong to be very dissatisfied, and the couple quarreled many times. Later, Ru Bing became pregnant after making love many times. When he was happy, he wanted to give Wen Zong an unexpected surprise, but unexpectedly, he ran into the company and saw that Sasha was pestering Wen Zong, such as Bing had no choice but to arrange Yu Yu Ruxue to work at the company so that she could supervise her husband from time to time and not commit any deviant affairs.

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Genre: Drama


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