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The Survival

The Survival is a Hong Kong and Japanese co-production film. Starring Aizen Kyoko, Charlie Cao, Aimee Huang, and Rena Nakayama. This film tells the story of love between Charlie and Amy.

Charlie, who has always valued sex over friends, is flirting with his girlfriend in a private villa. Suddenly, Ben, a senior employee and friend of the company, and his new secretary Amy visit, saying that there is an urgent need for business. When Charlie was about to get angry, he was attracted by Amy’s beauty again, so he designed to send away Ben and his girlfriend.

In the comfortable and luxurious living room, Charlie uses various methods to seduce Amy, but without knowing it, she repeatedly emphasizes that Chu Yequan must be reserved for marriage. This aroused Charlie’s greater interest, and at the same time told a real story about the reconstruction of the hymen.

Charlie’s Japanese girlfriend, the heroine Airan Kyoko of “Daydream” and “Sneak Test of the Clouds and Rains”, decided to undergo a patch operation and reported to her friends afterwards. The result was five hundred Four young boys were selected from the multi-contestants, and together with three other girls, they went to a small island in the South Pacific for an experiment. First, the four boys have to pass various physical tests, and then accept the many temptations of three beautiful girls, and finally they can combine with Aizen Kyoko. As a result, the four boys completely failed, and Aizen Kyoko decided to dedicate Chuye to the bravest warrior among the natives on the island. On the day of the dedication, more than 2,000 people of the whole family held a grand ceremony, and Airan Kyoko once again experienced the feelings of the first night.

Amy finally couldn’t resist Charlie’s temptation and dedicated it for the first time. Afterwards, when Charlie recalled endlessly, he accidentally discovered that Amy had left a Japanese medical record card.

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Genre: Drama


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