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Sex Of Golden Plums Part 2

Sex Of Golden Plums Part 2 is a movie released in 2008. After the death of lustful merchant Ximen Qing, he is on trial in the Palace of Yama in hell, the court of the lord of death. During the trial, his crimes committed on earth are fully shown. Despite, he refuses to admit his sins and makes Yama feels indignation. The angry Yama then discloses some secrets even Ximen Qing is not aware of… Yama told Ximen Qing that his beloved Golden Lotus is not only as lascivious as him but also as vicious. She poisons her own husband Wu Da Lang, abuses her servants and commits lustful affaires…Then, Yama calls all the ghosts who died due to Ximen Qing to accuse him. Finally, he has to face a surprsing penalty that he deserves…

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Genre: DramaRomance