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Jade Stalk

Jade Stalk is a Hong Kong movie released in 1999. The film is directed by Stephan Yip. Wei Yangsheng came to Maoxi County and stayed in the mountain temple. At this time, there was a loud noise outside the temple. It turned out that Yunyu Villa was pursuing a flower thief. After a isunderstanding, Wei Yangsheng was punched and kicked. The owner, Nangong, appreciates Wei Yangsheng’s talents and spares him not to die, only to bemprisoned in a secret room. Wei Yangsheng was shocked, because the owner was originally a daughter. He was hidden by his parents since he was a child. He always showed up in men’s clothing. In order to conceal others, he married more Ji concubines. Among them, Ji concubine went out to steal the man and was exposed. The man was the flower. thief. The owner is deeply interested in Wei Yang Sheng, so he uses a maid to try Mo Yang Sheng. On the one hand, Wei Young Sheng was very happy because of the boundless beauty, but also worried about the plot of the owner.

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